Sponsor – Geib Refining Corp

The Arkansas Pawnbrokers Association is proud to welcome Geib Refining Corp as a sponsor. For more information, visit their website at GeibRefining.com

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Geib Refining Corp: Trust and Integrity Deliver Fair Value for Refined Precious Metals and Recovered Diamonds and Stones

For 38 years, Geib Refining Corp. has refined gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for pawnbrokers and jewelers across the U.S. As a second-generation, family-owned business, we combine old-fashioned values with extensive expert services:

• Precious metal refining

• Accurate assaying

• High-yield precious metal processing

• Diamond and Stone removal and sorting

Geib Refining also offers on-site metal consulting services as well as fully-insured lot pick-up. Each lot is processed individually which ensures you accurate process control through final settlement. While we cannot rush the refining process, once settlement is complete, payment is rapid in any form or combination of forms preferred—check, wire transfer and ACH payments as well gold coins, gold bullion, or product returned.

Pawnbrokers and jewelers also have the flexibility to hedge their shipments by locking in the market price at their preferred point-in-time: when sending in scrap material to us or anytime throughout the refinement process. We are also very happy to help strengthen your cash flow by providing payment advances while your lot is underway with us.

Additionally, we maintain a modernized and secure facility as we hold your metal during production or on account pending your final disposition. Across all of these services, customer satisfaction is our prime objective.

Tailored Stone Recovery

Geib Refining Corp. offers a unique and proprietary system for the wet-chemical recovery of diamonds and other precious stones from jewelry. Our carefully-engineered process combines attention-to-detail with state-of-the art chemistries to assure the accurate recovery of diamonds, stones, and precious metals.

Every single lot is treated separately with care and precision. This includes the submersion of stone- contained jewelry in chemical reactor baths that dissolve the metals into separate soluble states. After the reaction occurs, stones are metal-free and recovered through our finite screening system.

Once the stones are extracted, the metals are contained in the solution and then precipitated, melted, and assayed for ultimate purity and credit to your settlement. We then wash, sort and weigh the stones and hold them for final settlement or handling according to each pawnbroker’s or jeweler’s specific instructions.

Unique Metal Refining

Geib Refining applies the methodical, commercial fire assay application process to determine precious metal content. This measurement is the most consistent and proven technique to calculate the precise percentage of each precious metal in your lot. As the result, our customers receive the correct precious metal value determination each and every time. Our systems for control, checks and balances mean that pawnbrokers and jewelers can trust the integrity of every lot throughout the refinement and recovery process.

We have forged many long-term customer relationships through this trust and integrity: the trust that we handle every lot with care and the integrity to accurately measure the contents.

For more information on precious metal processing and stone removal services offered by Geib Refining, or to review Geib’s Conflict Free Gold Certification, call (800) 228-GOLD or visit www.geibrefining.com

“We firmly believe it’s more important to get the job done right than to rush. Our processes are multi- stepped and require significant attention to detail as reflected in the beautifully-cleaned diamonds and stones we provide to customers for re-sale and by our advanced precious-metal recovery capabilities. We love our customers and provide fair value for every lot that comes in.”

Ron Steele, Vice President at Geib Refining